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Two years ago, French visual artist Raoul Hébréard invited Jean-Gérald to perform wrapped inside video tapes inside which he danced, filming Mickey Mouse’s symbolic funeral.

Last summer, Olivier Heinry started building a performance upon the rise and fall of another mass consumption commodity called the Compact Disc, and one of the first recordings released, the Alpine Symphony.

In the spring of 2010, they decided to merge these two processes built upon the remains of art works’ aura into a single one. It starts with a man sitting, reels and reels of tape slowly unwinding themselves and swallowing him. The rest of the space I start in an empty space gets physically cluttered with Philips CD players, vintage stereo systems, lots of wires and filled acoustically with prepared CDs, remixing the original work through random cutups, stutters and glitches. It then switches to a computer-driven realtime composition of the glitches, and the other man raising back from the reels…

The unusual use of household objects then leads to an organic half-improvised composition.


Jean-Gérald Dorseuil

Born 1970 in La Réunion, France

After being granted a scholarship and studying at Paul & Yvonne Goube School Dance in Paris, at London Studio Centre and at Princess Grace of Monaco school, Jean Gérald Dorseuil took part to many ballets in France and abroad. He started collaborating with Blanca Li in 1997 (Le songe du Minotaure). He assisted her during the creation of Borderline at the Komisches Oper of Berlin in 2001 as well as on the movie « Le Défi ». He also collaborated with the Ballet Royal de Wallonie, Scottish Ballet, Gigi Caciuleanu, Ballet Theatre Hagen… He co-signed « Round-Around (Appartement) » with visual artist Raoul Hébréard, video shown at the contemporary art festivals of Nice and Avignon. He adapted « El Amor Brujo » in 2008 for the Opéra de Nice.

He showed his choreogaphical research work at different venues and festival such as the « Nuit des Musées 2006″, Maison de la Photographie de Toulon. Holder of the classical dance French State Diploma (DE), he teaches to professional dancer, takes part to numerous dance-centered pedagogical and cultural missions such as with Emmanuel Gatt Compagnie, and also animates training courses.

Olivier Heinry

Born 1974 in Quimper, France.

Graduated 2000 from Rennes fine arts school. After early performances with the Ex-TV & collectives, started working for the stage with Bruno Pocheron and have since been mainly working as a sound and video designer with French & German choreographers (Isabelle Schad/Good Work Productions, Amaraoui/Burner, David Rolland, Blanca Li) and theater directors (Judith Depaule, Thierry Bédard). Involved in the free software / network / hack-a-dub scene with the Servideo & Crealab collectives. Also performing under the Gary Glitcher pseudo, ang giving workshops on such topics as interactive art, free software & mixed media, as well as Linux & Puredata. Beware of his homonym! 


Technical rider

On an empty space, Jean-Gerald sits underneath a machine hooked to the wall or any support that unrolls tape reels upon him. Olivier then enters, starts building in front of / surrounded by the audience (no stage needed but its OK) an audio system composed of 8 CD players, 4 vintage amps and 8 speakers, plus a Linux PC with its sound card. After a while, the sound composition changes and Jean-Gérald moves around in space, becoming a moving noisy mass inside the messy mass of sound. Duration: less than an hour.

Technical requirements

We bring all the audio props mentioned above, including the cables, adapters, power plugs etc. Performance space should be ideally 7 to 10 meters wide and 3 to 6 meters deep. We can adapt to very particular buildings/places. A separate room with direct access to the performance area is a plus, otherwise we may hide our stuff behind a curtain or paravent. Please no dramatic lighting, bare working light is great! A 16A 240V power plug is enough. If the plug is not DIN or French, make the required adapter available (Switzerland, UK…)

Neither a full rehearsal nor technical assistance required. Takes about 4 hours setup.


Amount of the artistic fees according to the venue and its statute (International festivals, theatres, artist- run spaces, squat…). Transportation & accomodation to be taken care of by the venue. According to local laws, the venue may have to deal with the local authors rights management society. In any case, 1% of the artistic budget will be given away to free software developers by the artists.

Cooperation & partners

To be featured on all communication material (mandatory!)
‘with support from PiNG in the frame of the reNUM project, funded by the Région Pays de la Loire’ 


Jean-Gérald DORSEUIL /

Olivier HEINRY / 

Par DDC Company le 2 février, 2013 dans Creation

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